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Meetings & Events

You expect the highest level of quality and value from your business travel partner… Summit Group delivers.

Summit Group is a travel company positioned for today’s business environment. We have an experienced staff of industry professionals, combined with a streamlined organization that delivers comprehensive travel solutions at a competitive price.

Summit offers the flexibility and expertise to manage a variety of business travel:

  • Incentive programs
  • Business meetings
  • Executive retreats
  • Board meetings
  • Corporate events

All inclusive — or à la carte

Some travel programs require an end-to-end solution, from site selection, through program management, registration, and on-site staffing. At Summit, we excel at these programs, and offer a turnkey approach.

We also understand that other travel programs may require limited services, such as hotel management, air or ground transportation, etc. For these programs, we will gladly provide “ala carte” services to match your needs.

Our full service capabilities include, but not limited to the following:

Destination research and site selection
Based on your group’s specific requirements such as accommodations, activities, location, and budget, Summit Group will research a range of available options. From this selection, we will narrow down the options that best fit your group and that offer the best value.
Hotel accommodations
Does your group require a large convention property or an intimate resort setting? What type of room amenities are you looking for? What are your needs for catering and audio/visual? These are some of the factors that Summit Group will consider when selecting the ideal accommodations for you.
Agenda and itinerary development
Our meeting planners are experts at creating itineraries for your guests that include the right mix of business, relaxation, and fun. Some events will have more of a business focus, and some are incentive groups out to have fun. Either way, we will create a agenda to fit your needs from start to finish.
Online participant registration and database management
Our online attendee registration and management streamlines this important process, and reduces time and cost. Our administration department efficiently manages all travel arrangements as well as any mailings or data collection requirements you may have.
Negotiations and vendor contracts
Securing the best contract, including room rates, deposit and attrition schedule is where our experience really shows through. Effective negotiations will save you significant money, and protect you from unexpected changes in your plans. We have strong relationships with suppliers and a proven record in this area.
Budgeting, reporting, and management
Our primary goal for any group is to maximize the experience for your guests within the budget parameters that you have set. We track and manage your budget to actual, and provide accurate reporting to you. We also manage costs throughout the process, continuously working to maximize savings and value.
Air/ground transportation management
Our air department will work to obtain the best possible airfares, comparing carriers, and securing group or zone rates when possible. We also will arrange ground transportation to ensure your guests get to and from all locations efficiently and comfortably.
Program management
Each group is assigned a dedicated program manager who is your single point of contact and who will work on your behalf. Your program manager will coordinate all aspects of your program, both externally with hotels and other suppliers, and internally with departments such as air and accounting.
On-site travel staffing
Summit Group provides highly trained and experienced on-site travel staff that are available 24/7 while on your trip. Your travel staff will assist your guests, coordinate all activities and transfers, and work behind the scenes with the hotel and suppliers to ensure all aspects of your meeting are delivered to your expectations.
Marketing and communications
Successful meetings, incentives, and events all have one thing in common; effective communications and marketing. Keeping your travelers informed builds excitement and anticipation. Summit Group delivers with targeted mailings, program websites, and printed communications.
Meeting room set-up and equipment
The time to realize you need a bigger room, a microphone, or some catering is not when your meeting is about to start. We will anticipate your needs and ask the right questions to ensure that your meetings look well-prepared and professional.
Audio visual and multimedia production
If you require high-end production and audio visual equipment, there is a lot of coordination that goes into making it happen. Often hotels do not have the equipment. Summit Group can facilitate all your needs, and can find the right resource either through the hotel or outside.
Merchandising and room gifts
Providing golf shirts to all your attendees, logoed portfolios and pens in the meetings, or a congratulations gift in their room are the types of details that make your program memorable and conveys to your guests that are important. Our merchandise team will recommend just the right touches for your group.
Food and beverage
Food is a critical element of your meeting. Not just the right food, but also the setting and the right variety. Summit Group will work with the hotel to arrange the right menu and locations for meals and receptions. We will also explore other venues, such as local restaurants, dinner cruises, or beachside receptions.