Discovering Italy

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The marble dome of St. Peter's gleams in the background; in the foreground, the

Rome, Florence, Tuscany, and Venice
A 10-day customized itinerary

Location highlights

Begin your journey in the eternal city of Rome, and experience the history of this capitol of western civilization and of Christianity.
Your next stop is Florence, a renown city of art and architecture which is preserved in time much as it was during the Renaissance.
The image, as well as the reality of Tuscany is that of romantic hilltop villages, ancient walled cities, and a scenic countryside of vineyards, olive groves, and fields of sunflowers.
This city on the sea is as much about the imagination as it is about granduer and beauty, and it has plenty to offer in both areas.

Itinerary highlights

Day 1—Rome
Private tour of ancient Rome. Discover the ruins of the Roman Forum, the imposing Colosseum, and the ancient Appian way.
Day 2—Rome
Today, experience one of the greatest concentration of masterpieces in the world with a private tour of the Vatican Museums, includomg the Sistine Chapel, and the Basilica of St. Peter’s.
Day 3—Rome
Continue to discover Rome at your leisure; there is much to choose from with the many piazzas, churches, or museums. Perhaps do some shopping, or take a day trip out to the catacombs—the choice is yours.
Day 4—Florence
Enjoy a scenic train ride to Florence today and be transported to the birthplace of the Renaissance.
Day 5—Florence
This morning, enjoy a private walking tour of Florence—the only way to see this compact and historic city—followed perhaps by a visit to the Uffizi Gallery or Bargello museum after your tour.
Day 6—Tuscany
Take a leisurely drive in the countryside, perhaps visiting the medieval city of Sienna or San Gimignano in the afternoon. This evening you will be treated to a private cooking lesson, learning the intricacies of Tuscan cooking first hand.
Day 7—Tuscany
This morning, embark on a full-day private tour of the Chianti region. Soak in the countryside over a glass of the local wine and a lunch of traditional Tuscan specialties.
Day 8—Venice
Take another scenic train to Venice todaym then spend the remainder of the day exploring this romantic city. Cross the famed Rialto bridge, and explore St. Mark’s square.
Day 9—Venice
This morning enjoy a private tour of Venice and discover the many stories that bring the city alive. Later, perhaps take a short boat ride to the islands of Murano or Lido.
Day 10—Depart
With your Italian holiday over, enjoy a private transfer to the Venice Airport for your return flight to the USA.