Ancient Italy

Palm trees flank the path leading to the rubble and ruins of Pompeii

Villa turrets and red-tiled roofs stand out on the long look down towards the lu

Gazing out on blue waters and rocky cliffs from an ochre-tiled terrace in Capri

Rome—Pompeii—Amalfi Coast
A 9-day sample itinerary

Location highlights

Begin your journey in the eternal city of Rome, and experience the history of this capitol of western civilization and of Christianity. See the sights of this historic city and the splendors of the Vatican with the guidance of an expert tour guide to help uncover the hidden gems. After seeings the manificent sights in Rome, venture out to the country side to visit the fabled city of Tivoli and Villa d’Este, the home of 1,000 fountains.
Nothing compares to the magic and mystery of Pompeii. Experience the seemingly tranquil Mt. Vesuvius and then walk among the remains of a city buried underneath 30 feet of ash during its violent eruption. A bakery, theatre, gymnasium and public bath all stand sentinels to a time and lifestyle literally sucked breathless in a split second then entombed for a thousand years.
Amalfi Coast
The dazzling turquoise water and brilliant sunshine of the Amalfi coast is dramatic. Tiny, colourful villages clinging to steep cliffs high above the sea, islands and coast ablaze with lemon groves make this area unforgettable

Itinerary highlights

Day 1—Rome
Private tour of Ancient Rome. Discover the ruins of the Roman Forum, the imposing Coliseum, and the ancient Appian way.
Day 2—Rome
Today experience one of the greatest concentration of masterpieces in the world with a private tour of the Vatican Museums. Your visit includes the Sistine Chapel and the Basilica of St. Peters.
Day 3—Rome
Continue to discover Rome at your leisure; there is much to choose from with the many piazzas, churches, or museums. Perhaps do some shopping, or take a day trip out to the countryside to visit Villa d’Este harboring over 1,000 magnificent foundations.
Day 4—Rome
For your final time in Rome, spend an evening with an English-speaking Italian family as they welcome you into their home. Enjoy a traditional dinner prepared by your hosts.
Day 5—Pompeii / Amalfi Coast
After you leave Rome, on your way to the scenic Amalfi Coast, stop for a guided tour of the wonders of Pompeii. After your tour, sit back and enjoy the magnificent vistas as your driver navigates the Amalfi coastline.
Days 6–7—Amalfi Coast
The next two days are yours to explore one or more of the charming coastal towns including Sorrento, Ravello and Positano. However, don’t forget to spend time relaxing soaking up the beauty at your seaside resort.
Day 8—Amalfi Coast / Capri
Enjoy a day cruising along the Mediterranean coast with a stop for lunch and a tour of the Island of Capri. Make time to explore the elegant shops around Capri’s main square before you set sail for home.
Day 9—Depart for home
With your Italian holiday over, enjoy a private transfer to the airport for your return flight home.