Signature Golf Trips

It is not a question as to “if” you are going to enjoy a Golf Trip… The questions are “when?” and “how?”

At The Golf Group we have the answers…

The Golf Group provides the expertise and the choices to make your Golf Trip a reality, from the most popular and challenging courses of the United States to the greatest courses in the world. Our trip planning also is flexible in delivering exactly what you need, from turnkey golf competitions, to accommodations and tee times for couples.

Our services

Golf and tee times
Tee times at the top courses can be very difficult to obtain. We will make the arrangements and monitor the process to assist you in booking the courses you want to play. We can also assist you in course selection and alternates.
Itinerary design
We will design your itinerary to move you logically to the courses you want to play and at the same time allow for as much sightseeing as desired. Depending on your needs. we can place you in central locations where you can access many courses without changing accommodations. For international golf, we can keep you on the move. allowing you to take in as much of the country as time allows.
From Golf Resorts to Castles to B & B’s and everything in between, we can recommend a perfect blend of the accommodations to suit your needs and budget.
Chauffeur or self-drive options
If your trip requires transfers between locations, we will make rental car or van arrangements, or hire a car and driver for international programs. On international programs, your driver is expert on directions and serves as a travel and tour guide as well.
Sightseeing options
Your itinerary and website will include sightseeing opportunities that fall near your golf travel itinerary.
Air logistics and reservations
We offer full-service air arrangements and will provide options for your international air travel as well some in-country air on overseas programs.
Restaurant recommendations
Allow us to recommend the restaurants and pubs that our clients have enjoyed.
Maps, directions and travel times
We’ll map out your itinerary with directions and travel times so that you have a complete guide to help you make your way through your itinerary.
Communication package
Your communication package will feature a personalized website to keep all the trip participants up to date on trip preparations and itinerary design. Also, a discussion page allowing trip participants to post and respond to postings from each other.
Printed itinerary and brochure
A complete printed brochure and itinerary will be sent prior to departure so that everyone has a handy reference guide for the trip.

European golf programs

Golfing the great courses of Ireland and Scotland requires planning ahead. Often the tee times you are looking for may have to be requested a year in advance. And we know it is hard to get your golfing gang to commit to anything a year in advance. That is why we have developed an exciting program to turn your idea for a European Golf Trip into a reality.

The Golf Trip to Ireland and/or Scotland is on almost every golfer’s Bucket List. Unfortunately, for some that is exactly where it stays. At The Golf Group we have created a planning process that will assist you getting this trip off your “bucket list” and on to your “looking forward to list”.

So many times, the best laid plans for such a trip fall apart, as it is difficult to get the group to commit to something so vague and so far out in the future. To address these problems, The Golf Group has created a planning process that is designed to get potential players familiar with all aspects of the trip months in advance of the deadline for actually committing to the trip.

Let The Golf Group assist you in planning this adventure…

Our European Golf Trip program

Our European Golf Trip Program has become a popular tool to help groups get organized in a timely manner for their European Golf Trip. Here’s how it works…

  • Tell us what you have in mind. Number of players, target dates, area, must play courses and budget.
  • We will design an itinerary based on your preferences. This itinerary will be posted on a personalized trip website.
  • You can direct possible trip participants to the website to get familiar with the trip, the dates, the cost, etc.
  • The website will ask for input on all facets of the trip and will ask viewers to submit a form that indicates their interest level.
  • The website will also let the viewers know that there is a date on which we will be asking for commitments for participation.
  • Responses are logged and interested parties are kept up to date with trip details and reminded of upcoming registration deadlines.
  • When you reach your registration date, participants will be asked for a down payment to confirm their spot.
  • What you will find is that we will be able to compile a list of possible participants and rank them by their level of interest.
  • The possible participants will have a great heads-up in regard to the trip as it concerns home, work and budget.
  • Many times date conflicts can be avoided just by having the trip tentatively on their calendar.
  • When the time comes to commit, you will get a number that will sign up immediately because they have been thinking about this for plenty of time.
  • Once that happens, the rest of the slots will fill up very quickly because players will see that there is a limited number of spots and also will be able to see who has committed. As you know it is always, “who else is going.”
  • Once you fill, start a waiting list— inevitably when you plan something this far in advance, someone will have to cancel. The wait-list makes it easy to keep the trip full.


The program gives possible participants plenty of time to plan, along with a definite decision date. It also allows us to file tee time requests in a timely manner, resulting in the best chance of getting on the courses of your choice.

Many consider The European Golf Trip to be a Milestone Trip—and indeed it is. The good news is that you can decide which milestone it commemorates!

You can do this!

Our most popular trips

All of our European Golf Trips are customized to your specifications and can be of any duration. Here are some of our more popular itineraries.

  • Nine Nights/Ten Days: 7 or 8 rounds
    Depart on Friday afternoon--return the following Sunday.
  • Seven Nights/Eight Days: 5 or 6 rounds
    Depart on a Friday and return the following Friday.
  • The Long Weekend: 3 or 4 rounds
    Depart Wednesday afternoon--home in time for dinner on Sunday.