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The Golf Trip is a template of services designed to manage each facet necessary to make your trip a success. We take you from concept to completion and manage every detail along the way.

As golfers that go on these golf trips ourselves, we understand the unique requirements that are peculiar to golfers and their trips. The Golf Trip product offers turnkey delivery in areas such as:

Site selection
The most crucial decision in determining the success of your golf trip is also the first decision—site selection. Our knowledge base and research capabilities will provide the information necessary to choose the site that best meets your needs. Our recommend sites are based on first-hand knowledge—not on marketing materials. If we have not been there, we know someone that has.
Site profile

Whether it is one of our recommended sites or a site that you have asked us to research—we will provide a detailed site profile for your review. Our comprehensive report on your site will include:

  • Ease of travel
  • Weather expectations
  • Golf course statistics
  • Golf appropriateness
  • Accommodations
  • Resort amenities
  • Package interpretation
Travel logistics

Our comprehensive travel services division will assist in all of your travel logistics:

  • Air travel recommendations
  • Air reservations and ticketing
  • Air travel group reservations—negotiated discounts for groups of 10 or more
  • Club transportation—we ship your clubs so you do not have to lug them with you
  • Rental cars/shuttle transportation
  • Itineraries
  • Maps/directions
  • Other travel logistics
Competition design

You will be amazed at the benefit that a well-designed competition will have on the overall success of your golf trip. Golfer’s love to compete—the better designed your competition—the better your golf trip.

  • Design
    The Golf Group will customize the format to provide the appropriate level of competition.
  • Competition execution
    We support our design by handling all the details to execute the competition. Pairings, handicaps, tee times, foursomes, scorecards, cart assignments etc.
  • Scoring the competition
    We will score your competition on our interactive website. Our scoring software will tabulate each day’s results and produce a “Leader Board” for all the various games and competitions. The results as well as the next days’ pairings will be available online or via fax at the conclusion of each day’s competition.
  • Prize management
    We will design prize and player pools to integrate with your tournament format. Our scoring software will track all the wagering and prize pools that are attached to the various competitions. The results will be tallied daily and posted as “The Money List.”
Financial management

Our Golf Trip software program provides total financial management of The Golf Trip. The Golf Group will manage all invoicing, collections and payouts. Our system will track all individual, common and group expenses and accurately allocate each expense to the correct individual. Other features include:

  • Management of all wagering expenses and payouts, including side games and individual wagers
  • A daily recap of all wagering, prize pools and expenses
  • A final itemized invoice immediately following the trip to balance all accounts and make the appropriate payouts
Communication package

Our communication package simplifies the arduous task of keeping all participants of the trip well informed—and excited about their golf trip.

  • Invitation
  • Site selection profiles
  • Trip website, featuring:
    • Site profile
    • Online registration
    • Itinerary and travel logistics
    • Discussion board
    • Scoring
  • Brochure and itinerary
  • Trip summary
Touches of class…

It doesn’t cost much more to go first class. Let The Golf Group add the touches of class that will make your trip memorable.

  • Logo wear
  • Recommended restaurants
  • Champion’s dinner
  • Trophies
  • Tee gifts
  • Draft parties
  • Side trips
  • Ground transportation
  • Hospitality suite set-up

Is The Golf Trip for you?

Existing golf trips
If you participate in a golf trip with your business or friends, ;you know how much fun they can be. If you are the organizer, you know how much work they can be. Turn the management of your trip over to the professionals at The Golf Group—and leave the work to us!
New trips
If you are someone who says “finding the time” has prevented you from putting together a great golf trip idea, The Golf Group is for you. One call to The Golf Group and another great idea becomes a work in progress.

Business or social


Why not extend the invitation that your customers will be thrilled to receive—The Golf Trip. There is no better way to thank your customers while at the same time create a rare opportunity to spend significant time together.

When your customers receive an invitation for The Golf Trip, they will know they are important to you. Once they experience the Golf Trip, you know they will remember you.


Whether it be incentive or reward—The Golf Trip will pique the interest of your staff. A “thank you” for a job well done—or a toll to get the job done well!

Your staff will consider The Golf Trip one of your better ideas.

Your pals from the club, the high school gang, the neighbors, the church group, the card club couples, the family, the gang from work—you choose the group and we will design the perfect trip.