Competition Design and Scoring

A scorecard showing showing par and handicaps for each hole as well as a line fo

A trio of golf buddies on the green.

“…do not underestimate the effect that a well-designed competition will have on the success of your golf trip…”

Whether your trip is comprised of novice or scratch golfers, we can design a competition that is appropriate to the level of golf.

Our Competition Design service can seamlessly integrate many types of games into the design of your competition. By doing so, we allow you to compete on many levels for various durations for differing stakes.

  • The Games
  • Pairings—who’s in my group?
  • What are the handicaps?
  • What time are we off?
  • What tees are we playing?
  • Who’s leading?
  • What are the prizes?
  • How much do I owe?
  • I’ve already played with him twice!

Do these sound familiar? At The Golf Group we have the answers. Our new Competition Design and Scoring product will answer all the questions and make creating and scoring your competition a seamless component of your golf trip. This product also addresses the question of fairness and impartiality, and eliminates and disputes over pairings.

The Games
We have a variety of individual, two-man and four-man games. These games can run concurrently allowing you to compete on multiple levels. When designing competitions we assume that all participants have a handicap. If you have players without handicaps, we can determine handicaps based on play.

We design the pairings to fit your needs. In most cases golfers are looking for variety—that is that they want to play with as many different people as possible.

“With The Golf Group managing our golf trip, we have more competition, more fun and better golf than any group I have traveled with.”

Tom Shannon
President, Wexford Financial

We incorporate Random Draws, Hi/lo’s, ABCD’s, Leaders & Losers, Roommates, Captains Drafts, Ryder Cup Teams, Seller/client’s and other methods to create the range of pairings that meets this objective.


For groups that have established handicaps, we adjust the handicaps based on The Slope rating for each course that you play. Accordingly, your pairings will be posted with the handicaps already sloped.

For groups that have players without established handicaps, we calculate handicaps from the play of the round using pre-determined criteria. We also use tools such as a handicap committee to assign handicaps and adjust as the tournament progresses.

What time do we play?
The pairings for each day will be posted the night prior to the round. These pairings will include tee time reminders for all players.
The Leader Board

The Leader Board is updated at the completion of each day’s play. The Leader Board will also be posted on line and can be faxed or e-mailed to any location or PDA.

Your customized Leader Board will contain all the information pertaining to your competition, including; daily scores, summary of all individual and team games, Skins Games results, running scores of multi-round events and up to date Money List.