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Learn more about the trip planning services that go into creating one of our Signature Golf Trips, or select one of the signature trips below:


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Great golf trips by design…
Not by chance…

The Golf Group specializes in managing all the details involved in the design, planning and execution of great golf trips, including:

Site selection
Choosing the right destination and golf courses for your group, including the world’s greatest courses.
A full range of options, from Luxury Resorts to fully equipped condominiums to vacation home rentals.
Expense management
Working within your budget to maximize the experience with the right combination of services.
Golf competition
We will secure the best tee times, and manage the structure of the competition to ensure a fun and even competition among the players.

From couples to large groups of 40 or more golfers, The Golf Group is flexible enough to handle your trip.

If you have a specific destination in mind, we will customize your trip for that destination.

For one of our perfected packages, try one of our Signature Golf experiences. These include a number of world-class destinations, as well as all-inclusive golf competitions.

Winter 2016--Cabo & Palm Springs

We have the absolute best Cabo Golf Trip for 2016!

How about a place for your and 16 of your golfing pals in early march!